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Clothing Manufacturing

Fashion Development Portfolio

The Process

Dom Kennedy wanted to make a varsity "Chicago Bulls" style jersey for his merchandise line. Our first step was we took the exact varsity style jersey that he desired, and created a Digital Mock-Up. We then created Tech Packs to ensure the dimensions of the jersey were proportionate to the original sample. Next, we matched the fabric of the jersey sample and cut the fabric into the dimensions of the jersey. After making the blank jersey from scratch, we then designed the graphic on the jersey to match his desired look. Finally, we printed the graphics onto the blank jersey, installed a woven label neck tag with his Company logo and finalized the hems of the piece. We then consulted Dom for his opinions on the sample, after his approval, we produced over 500 jerseys mixing and matching with his desired colors.

The Result

Dom Kennedy was estaticaly pleased to see his vision come to life. Not only did the newly created jersey match the original sample's fabric quality, shape and cut-style, he was also happy with the printing quality.

The End

With Dom Kennedy's creativity combined with our precise planning and manufacturing expertise, Dom Kennedy was able to launch a succesful "One of One" product as a collection for his clothing brand. This new product made Dom Kennedy's O.P.M Brand different from leading artist's merchandise brands that only carry basic merchandise. O.P.M is now a full fledged clothing line versus just seasonal merchandise.