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Clothing Manufacturing

Merchandise Development For Chris Brown and TCL

The Process

Last Minute, a member of Chris Browns team Ty Moore posted on his story saying he needed Direct To Garment work done same night. A member of our team quickly jumped on it and decided to take on the project! On the same day, we gathered the t-shirts, and started printing. The original design sent was not compatible with the black t-shirts requested, so Pur3Branding altered the design and made it so we were able to print. This was an expedited production and was done within the day.

The Result

The T-shirts were picked up and taken to the TCL (The Crew League) where Chris Brown and his team were playing. After Chris and his team took the title, you can see them wearing the t-shirts that we printed!

The End

By coming in clutch with the t-shirt production last minute, Pur3branding is known to be a trustable and fast working agency that works to fulfill the needs of the client. Ty Moore was satisfied with the printing and that we were able to get the job done.