Closed Circle Brand LLC.


Clothing Manufacturing



Clothing Manufacturing

Merchandise Development For Closed Circle LLC.


Aunie Bailey, artist name Doperrr is an artist based out of Los Angeles. Him and his brother, Rodney, run a label/clothing brand called Closed Circle Brand LLC. For their clothing brand they had went to a previous manufacturer who didn't meet their quality requirements. They came to us with the intention of creating an all-around collection for their brand. We discuss their vision for the collection and came up with a Miami Vice look. The Pur3Branding team went to work and created a collection of hats, hoodies, jerseys, and T-shirts. They love the designs and wanted to move forward with production.


We manufactured the collection in the highest quality possible. Close circle brand LLC was able to present the merchandise to their fan base and immediately have a great reaction to the merchandise. They are continuing to push the brand as they have reached out to create a new collection. We have designed this new collection but are yet to move forward with production.