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Clothing Manufacturing

Merchandise Development For Lil Tjay

The Process

Lil Tjay was the host of his birthday celebration in Los Angeles on April 30th, 2022. For his birthday, his team recreated the scene from " " and made it the theme of the party. They were in need of merchandise, and it was last minute. The day before the event, they needed 100 t-shirts printed and ready for the party. We did not hesitate, we got started right away. We altered the design in three different versions, multi colored, blue, and green. The t-shirts were dropped off by Scorpion and we started printing one by one. By the time the event came around , we had finished and personally delivered and displayed all the t-shirts for the event.

The Result

The birthday party was packed out with people from all over LA, special celebrity guests etc! People loved the merchandise and began inquiring on how to acquire one. The merchandise was displayed alongside the exotic pop "trench kid" cooler, which created a scene of an actual store at the party.

The End

At the end of the party, the team started to hand out the t-shirts and almost everyone at the party left with a t-shirt! It was a very successful night and a night to remember!