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Merchandise Development For Litco Dispensary


Litco is a dispensary in Downtown Los Angeles California that is well established and prominent. For their anniversary event, they were looking to develop their clothing line to the next level and come out with a new collection. They already create tons of clothing by hand however they were looking to up the quality on their product and use forms of production that they did not have such as silk screen, direct to garment, and sublimation. We met with Litco, and discussed the collection and their vision for it. The CEO and owner of Litco runs a program with very talented professionals that ATV ride, skateboard, bike, and create art. Each one of these talented individuals was in need of their own collection, so, we went ahead and designed a collection for each and everyone. For example, the artists pieces were named “Aise Bourne” Collection and the Atv rider Cash’s Collection was named the “Call Him Cash” Collection. We approved the designs and put them into production.


We manufactured a collection of over 350 pieces for the Litco dispensary in four different types of production. The quality was on point and matched his vision for the clothing. This was an expedited production and done in under 3 weeks.


Litco hosted their anniversary event and had a great turnout, people showed out to show their support for the company and the merchandise was loved by everyone. The talented group of professionals now all have their own collections sponsored by Litco and are always wearing and supporting their merchandise.