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Clothing Manufacturing

Merchandise Development For Yahoo! ITK Bowl

The Process

The ITK Bowl 2022 was an event held in Hollywood Hills on Feb. 11 at 8 PM.  Professional Esport players and NFL football superstars were playing two-to-two in Call Of Duty: Vanguard. The goal was to win, and if they won, they would donate $10,000 for their favorite charity. Here at Pur3Branding, we were assigned the task of completing the merchandise development for the event! The ITK Bowl needed hats, jerseys, and hoodies, and we provided. Each production was different and it was a very fun project. 100 embroidered hats, 100 silk screen hoodies, and 40 sublimation jerseys! We discussed the project details and design with the lead designer and were supplied with the exact graphics and mockups to create!

The Result

The ITK Bowl was pleased and happy with the merchandise provided. Our team members arrived to the location in Hollywood Hills with the merchandise a day before the event , while set up was taking place. It was a very organized and professional event and everyone there loved the quality, and merchandise design.

The End

The ITK Bowl went live and the livestream was a success! The Esport and NFL players went head to head while wearing the gear and competed to win! Overall, an amazing process and everyone was satisfied!