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Digital Marketing

Social Media Growth Using Celebrity Giveaway

The Process

With our chosen Celebrities/Influencers, we grow the following of many accounts using the Giveaway method. The giveaway method is simple, fast & the most organic way to gain a mass amount of followers on instagram. In today's day & age, there are a-lot  of methods to grow, but most methods include fake accounts and bots. With this method you completely avoid that! Most Celebrities have a 10-20% engagement rate on their posts. With the giveaway on their page, the celebrity is telling their followers to follow your account in order to have a chance of winning a prize. To participate in the giveaway on their account, their fans must follow a list of certain accounts. If you purchase a slot into one of the giveaways, your account @ will be one of the accounts their followers will follow.

The Result

In this case study, we look at our recent giveaway with "The Hype House LA (@thehypehousela). Accounts that purchased this growth method grew an average of 20-25k real followers on instagram.

The End

The people who entered this giveaway and many of our other giveaways were satisfied with the growth and active engagement they received. This really boosted their overall fan base on Instagram, engagement (likes, comments, views) and helped with their brand awareness; exposing their brand to 20,000 real people. People were satisfied with this method, calling it the best way to grow on instagram. The growth was fast & long lasting, and brought in tons of new clients!